Version 0.3, Post Jam Update #1

Hi everyone!

The Jam has recently ended at the time of writing and World Feeder edition got 136th place! Thank you to everyone who voted and offered suggestions to improve the game during the jam period. This version mainly covers critical bug fixes in the UI with a few new features sprinkled in.

Change list:

  • Fixed overlapping panels. opening new panels would now close previously opened ones.
  • Fixed upgrade buttons that would bug out when count was less than the required amount. 
  • Added a new upgrade "Self baking flour" which adds a cookie every 3 seconds. This specific upgrade can be purchased multiple times.
  • Added flour graphics

I'm planning on adding a few more updates in the near future to make this a well rounded clicker. Thanks for playing and stay tuned!

PS: I attached the first prototype cookie graphic I made while making this game as a cover image! Just for fun.

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99 days ago

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