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Version 1.0.1 Stone Update is out!

Polysettlement is a simple 3d city builder that I made. Build huts for your people  and provide them with food, if they are happy and there is enough resources they will upgrade their hut!

Feedback is mighty appreciated.

A tip: The lumber mill requires a fair amount of wood.


WASD to fly around

right click to confirm build location

+/leftclick to rotate building placements

Starter Guide/Tutorial (minor spoiler):

I would recommend building a logging hut, 5 huts, farm, market, (in this order) first to set up the necessary infrastructure to keep your villagers from leaving.

 (MEGA spoiler):

Hut Upgrade Guide (MEGA spoiler):

Build the above mentioned buildings then add a lumber mill to produce lumber from wood which is needed for hut upgrades (will happen automatically) 

A single farm could probably provide for 1-2 upgraded huts so plan accordingly to keep your village feed

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Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorByte Forge
TagsCity Builder, farming, low-poly
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