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Polysettlement is a simple 3d city builder that I'm working on. Build huts for your people  and provide them with food, if they are happy and there is enough resources they will upgrade their hut!

Download the game to play the full version, html version can't handle newer updates without lagging ;( .

Feedback is mighty appreciated.


WASD to fly around

right click to confirm build location

+/leftclick to rotate building placements

controls ONLY for downloaded version:

M to save the game

Press Z twice to load the game

Starter Guide/Tutorial (minor spoiler):

Buildings will not build if you don't have enough resources for it.

A farm requires a population of 5 to build.

A hut requires a single piece of wood to build and adds +1 population.

A Market Stand requires noting to build.

A logging hut needs a population of 1 to build and constantly provides wood to your settlement.

A Lumbermill needs 5 pieces of wood and a population of 5.

I would recommend building a logging hut, 5 huts, farm, market, (in this order) first to set up the necessary infrastructure to keep your villagers from leaving.

Hut Upgrade Guide (spoiler):

Build the above mentioned buildings then add a lumber mill to produce lumber from wood which is needed for hut upgrades (will happen automatically) .

A single farm could probably provide for 2-4 upgraded huts so plan accordingly to keep your village feed.

A Mine works the same way as a lumber mill, but produces stone instead which upgrades huts to a stone hut and uses food.


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Polysettlement windows version 1.0.1+ 21 MB
Polysettlement 1.2.0 Mac 19 MB
Polysettlement 1.2.0 windows 10 MB
Polysettlement 1.2.1 19 MB
Polysettlement 1.2.1 14 MB
Polysettlement 1.2.1 19 MB
polysettlement Windows 18 MB

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