1.2.0 Changelog

Major Changes:

1- Added the ability to Save and Load

2-Turned off procedural terrain for now (Couldn't find a way to save and load terrain)

3- Day-Night cycle

Minor Changes:

1- Added two deco buildings,  Lantern and fence.

2-Bug fixes, Raised the height of all buildings


1.2.0 is a really important technical update that adds some basic necessities of a city builder. With this out of the way I can work on adding gameplay features. Had more buildings in plan but the save-load function took ages to code.

Any bug reports will be highly appreciated! 


Polysettlement 1.2.0 Mac LATEST 19 MB
98 days ago
Polysettlement 1.2.0 windows LATEST 10 MB
96 days ago

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